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ECNC-BN actively promotes the conservation and sustainable use of nature and especially of biodiversity in Europe, because of their intrinsic values and their relevance to the economy and European culture; thereby ECNC-BN seeks the integration of nature conservation considerations into other policies.

Since its establishment in 1993 ECNC-BN has developed a working partnership with an extensive network of organizations and institutes from all over Europe. ECNC-BN implements its mission via six programmes, which:

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Sectoral experience with Natura 2000
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The ECNC Group started their first joint project in April 2011. This project aimed to contribute to removing barriers and increasing support for Natura 2000 by economic sectors by fact finding, learning from each other and demonstrating sector-specific solutions for dealing with barriers. It in particular contributed to greater knowledge by economic sectors (agriculture, forestry, tourism and recreation) in the Netherlands and other EU Member States on how to deal with barriers posed by Natura 2000 and investigated whether these barriers could create opportunities.
This project was funded by the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation. For more information and the final report, please visit the project's web page.

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