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The ECNC Group is one of Europe’s largest groupings of expertise and experience on nature, biodiversity, and coastal and marine issues. It addresses biodiversity, integrated coastal zone management and marine issues, and sustainable development in an integrated way. The ECNC Group provides stakeholders and funders with a very broad range of services and activities and aims to boost the development of greener and bio-based economies in Europe. In delivering all this, social inclusion, civil society, gender issues and people in general will be particular focal points of attention.

The ECNC Group provides services in various fields, including:

Centro Mediterráneo

The Centro Mediterráneo assists the ECNC Group in the implementation of its activities, with a special focus on the Mediterranean region.

Thus, the centre assists in both 'blue' and 'green' activities of the ECNC Group. The priorities in the Mediterranean for coastal and marine issues include the promotion of sustainable tourism, energy, waste management, aquaculture and fisheries, and the designation and management of marine protected areas in the wider Mediterranean region. To this end, the Centro Mediterráneo will continue promoting the development of Integrated Coastal Zone Management policy, strategies and plans as an instrument to achieve sustainable development along European coasts. For nature and biodiversity issues, the Centro Mediterráneo will promote the interaction between nature and society, green infrastructure, and the integration of nature and biodiversity into land uses and business operations in the wider Mediterranean region. Therefore, the Centro Mediterráneo will promote and assist in the implementation of the regional, EU and pan-European biodiversity strategies towards 2020.

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